Mon 02 April 2018

Bankaltimtara Won 4 Awards at the Public Relation Indonesia Awards (PRIA) 2018

The highest peak of appreciation for the public relations (PR), PR INDONESIA Awards (PRIA) 2018, took place in Surabaya, Thursday night (29/3/2018). The event which was held side by side with the folk festival of Mlaku-mlaku nang Tunjungan along Tunjungan Street was full of impression, especially for PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara for having achieved 4 (four) awards at once.

The award presentation to the winners was witnessed by over 500 homework practitioners and leaders ranging from heads of regions to CEOs. "This is the most comprehensive 'Olympic' party presented to measure the performance and public relations or PR product for a year," said Asmono Wikan, founder and CEO of PR INDONESIA.

PR Indonesia Awards is an annual national public relations competition which is participated by various ministries, provincial government, municipal government, state-owned enterprises, private companies, state-owned and private enterprises, and local enterprises.

The PR Indonesia Awards this year were attended by 463 entries from 12 ministries, 12 state institutions, 21 state-owned enterprises, nine local governments, 15 private non-Tbk companies, 11 private companies, 19 state-owned subsidiaries, four BUMDs and companies private areas in which the judging process also involves leading communication experts and practitioners who have been trusted and have a credibility that qualified.

Eight categories are presented this year, three of which are new categories. Among other things, Crisis Category (Crisis Guidance, Crisis Handling), Public Relations Manual, and Annual Report and Sustainability Report. Pre-existing categories include Owned Media (Print Media, E-Magazine, and Video Profile), Digital Channels (Applications, Websites and Social Media), PR Program (Corporate PR, Government PR, PR Marketing, and Digital PR) CSR (Sustainability Business and Community Based Development) programs, PR Department, and the Top of the Media category that partner with PT Isentia. No doubt, the entry rocketed to 463 pieces from 105 organizations (72 corporations and 33 government agencies). Last year, the MEN packed 224 entries.

A total of 16 expert judges were mobilized to provide an objective assessment. Among others, Maria Wongsonagoro and Magdalena Wenas (PR INDONESIA Gurus), Noke Kiroyan (Kiroyan Partners), Ariani Djalal (Office of President Staff), Troy Pantouw (Senior Consultant of AIS Training and Consulting), Titis Widyatmoko (Pimred, Arbain Rambey (KOMPAS), Gunawan Alif (Indonesia CSR Society), and more.

The marathon judging process at PR, Jakarta, is divided into two methods. Namely, non-presentations from Wednesday (28/2/2018) to Friday (2/3/2018) and 6 - 8 March 2018 for presentation sessions.

For the presentation sessions alone, Bankaltimtara managed to pass the final judging stage for CSR - Community Based Development Program category, in which the Program of Banking Officer of Bank of 201tara was successful ahead of other participants.

The Bankaltimtara Public Relations Team departs for Jakarta to attend the Presentation Round in front of the Jury on March 8, 2018. Previously, various preparations were made until midnight to compile presentation materials and executive summary that must be compacted but still clear and detailed.

Each participant is given the opportunity to present his CSR program for a maximum of 15 minutes (7 minutes of presentation and 8 minutes of questioning). This very short time becomes a challenge for the Bankal Team of Public Relations team to explain in whole, though not all of them. But, can represent the performance that has been done, following achievements, challenges and opportunities.

Another aspect that should not be forgotten when doing a presentation in a short time is a technique to describe the difficulties encountered, the following solutions. Judging judgments are not only based on the quality of the program, but the ability of the PR in representing the company appropriately. Thanks to this is the judge of the judge to determine Abdul Haris Sahilin as one of the Best Presenter in the 2018 MALE event.

"The presenter must be able to dialogue with the knowledge possessed, then answer it according to the corridor," he said. He continued, "So, sent here, it is a master presenter," said Magdalena Wenas, one of the jury presentation sessions for PR, PR, PR and Digital PR categories.

Here are four awards achieved by PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara in the event are as follows:

1. Own Media Category - Internal Magazine (GOLD Award - Sub-category Regional & Private BUMD)

2. Categories of CSR Program - Community Based Development (SILVER Award - Sub-Bureau of Regional Private / Regional)

3. Most Popular Appreciation in Media - BUMD and Private Regional Category

4. Best Presenter Award - BUMD and Private Regional Category

This award was handed over by Asmono Wikan, founder and CEO of PR INDONESIA to Banking Director of Bankaltimtara Zainuddin Fanani who was accompanied by the President Commissioner Sulaiman Gafur and Corporate Secretary Abdul Haris Sahilin.

On the night of the award is also present Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini or who is usually called Mother Risma. Participants are invited to enter the room of Public Service Mall Surabaya where the place is to facilitate the people surabaya in taking care of various parizinan.

President Director of Bankaltimtara Zainuddin Fanani appreciated the award of the company he led. According to him, the award is a form of recognition for the performance of the company throughout the Year 2017 and will continue to serve the most useful information and positive impact for both Kaltim and Kaltara community.

"Bankaltimtara will continue to grow and develop to improve its performance in accordance with the wishes of stakeholders and provide useful information for the community," said Zainuddin after receiving an award also witnessed by the Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini.