Mon 05 March 2018

Bankaltimtara Work Partners BPKH For Kaltara Kaltim

Implementing Body of Haj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) establishes PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara Sharia Business Unit as Deposit Receiving Bank or Haj Administration Cost (BPS-BPIH) period April 2018-March 2021. BPS-BPIH is determined in accordance with the competence and function of BPH-BPIH in Management of Hajj Finance.

"BPS-BPIH not only enabled the receipt of initial deposit, cancellation and payment of haj paid by the pilgrims, but also for placement, liquidity and operational function, benefit value and investment partner," said Plt. Head of BPKH Executing Agency, Anggito Abimanyu at Hotel Sahid, Jakarta, Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

He mentioned the number of BPS-BPIH set amounted to 31 BUS / UUS. This amount consisted of 23 BPS-BPIH revenue, three operational BPS-BPIH, seven liquidity BPS-BPIH, 27 placement BPS, six benefits BPS and 11 investment partner BPS-BPIH.

"The requirement as BPS-BPIH is to meet bank health requirements, information technology requirements and virtual accounts, product development, capitalization, number of pilgrims and cash management capabilities," he said.

He asserted, BPKH together with selected BPS-BPIH will work together to increase the managed funds and the value of benefits obtained, especially to improve services to pilgrims and the benefit of the people. This cooperation also includes the management of value of benefits and investment.

"It is expected to be able to serve an additional 550,000 new congregations each year, distributing virtual accounts to 3.9 million congregation waiting, increasing returns on placement and investment and support for Hajj," he said.

Supported by 17 Branch Offices with a total of 1,215 network units scattered throughout East Kalimantan, Kaltara and DKI Jakarta provinces, Bankaltimtara is ready to serve deposits and pilgrim fees.

The main director of Bankaltimtara Zainuddin Fanani said that this is one of the management efforts to improve service to the public after changing the status of legal entity Bankaltimtara become Limited Liability Company (PT).

"With the appointment of PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara Syariah Business Unit as Deposit Receiving Bank or Haj Administration Cost (BPS-BPIH) further marked our gait in providing better banking services after we changed the form of legal entity into Limited Liability Company (PT) in November year then, "said Zainuddin Fanani while attending the ceremony was accompanied by Commissioner of Bankaltimtara, Sulaiman Gafur.

With the Hajj pilgrimage service allows people in various parts of Kaltim and Kaltara to open a savings account Haji. Only Bankaltimtara alone the only bank that is present in various corners of the region to the border with neighboring countries.