Vision & Mission Bankaltimtara


"Being The Strue Regional Champion Strong, Competitive and Contribute in supporting the growth of a quality regional economy"


  1. Strengthen institutional resilience through compliance and quality risk management.
  2. Develop solution-oriented technology-based products and services.
  3. Being a major supporter of the economic development program and sustaining the empowerment of the people's economy.
  4. Increase social awareness for the community and the environment.
  5. Maintain and enhance the Bank's reputation.

6 Main Value

  1. Championship, is having a fighting spirit to always be a champion
  2. Creativity, is creative in developing banking products and services
  3. Caring, is to have a high sense of concern for fellow human Bankttimtara
  4. Character, there is character as the basis for the development of reputation, both institutions and individuals
  5. Citizenship, is to have a high sense of responsibility as a good corporate citizen
  6. Customer Focus, is to make the interests of customers as the basis of every business activity


"Devoted To Prosperity Together"


"Advancing Kalimantan Building Indonesia"