Thu 08 March 2018

Successfully Manage Reputation, Bankaltimtara Received ICCA III Award 2018

PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara has been awarded for the company's performance in maintaining and enhancing the company's reputation, especially in Corporate Secretary (Corsec) and Corporate Communication (Corcom). The platinum category award for this Bank Category is processed from the Corporate Secretary & Corporate Communication Award (ICCA) 2018.

The award was received directly by Oska Yoris Jakarta Branch Manager representing the Board of Directors of Bankaltimtara, held by Economic Review, in cooperation with Perbanas Institute and Indonesia Asia Institute, at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta, Friday (2/3) night.

PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara was awarded this award thanks to the performance of a company that is able to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate corporate communication programs strategically, and able to prove its effectiveness in building the company's reputation widely. The award of ICCA Award III 2018 was achieved based on an assessment of a jury consisting of experts and practitioners in various institutions.

The role of Corporate Secretary and Corporate Communication is very important in building a company's reputation. Undoubtedly, there is much evidence that companies that are good at managing corporate secretariats and corporate communications are better off, more able to garner support, gain awards at home and abroad, be able to support stakeholder loyalty and ultimately more resistant to crises.

Corporate Secretary of PT BPD Kaltim Kaltara, Abdul Haris Sahilin, said that Bankaltimtara is considered successful in performing one of the main tasks of Corporate Secretary that is developing and enhancing brand image / corporate image.

"Not only to develop and enhance the company image but also to manage the relationship with the owners (shareholder), government and stakeholders (stakeholder) which will ultimately bring contribution to the company's business performance," said Abdul Haris.

For information, the purpose of holding ICCA III 2018 is as a form of appreciation for the performance and reputation of good company, especially in the field of Corporate Secretary and Corporate Communication.

As is known, the role of Corporate Secretary and Corporate Communication is very important in building the reputation of a company, especially in building a highly competitive and dignified Indonesia globally.

This award also adds a row of awards achieved by Bankaltimtara in the Year 2018. Previously Bankaltimtara won the "Gold" award for the category of The Best of Regional Own Enterprise, Indonesia Inhouse Magazine Awards (INMA) 2018 and achieved "Platinum" in the event the Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility Award -II-2018 (ICSRA) for the Regional Development Bank category.